Karl Rosengren, CV


I conduct research on cognitive and motor development. In the cognitive area I examine how children reason about the world and separate what is possible and impossible. Recently, I have investigated how children and adults use different kinds of explanations to reason about evolution, health and illness, and death. In the motor domain I have primarily been interested in how children and adults maintain balance and effectively move through the world. I have a third line of research that combines my interests in cognitive and motor development that examines young children’s action errors – where children attempt to perform actions on objects that do not allow the action to be completed successfully because the object is too small (action errors) or is a photograph (grasping errors).


Iseli G. Hernandez,

Graduate student





David Menendez,

Graduate student

I’m a second year graduate student advised by Martha Alibali and Karl Rosengren. My research broadly centers on conceptual development. More specifically, on children’s understanding of the life cycle changes, and how visual representations aid or hinder learning and transfer in biology. I am also interested in how children’s socialization into their given culture might influence their conception of life and death processes.




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